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Insider - Peter Lindbergh & Azzedine Alaïa, a timeless aesthetic

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Peter lindbergh & azzedine alaïa, une esthétique intemporellethe alaïa foundation highlights a collaboration which marked the history of fashion, to be discovered through a black and white exhibition of 80 photos and 32 items of clothing.azzedine alaïa et peter lindbergh, two artists serving the beauty of the woman...why this exhibition?what unites them?what does it say about women? interview with olivier saillard, exhibition curator:the lindberg-alaia collaboration dates back to the beginning of theshe gave some very nice shots that belong to the history of fashion photography.i think it was important that we needed the eyes to go far, to find mountains, landscapes, faces and we go beyond the clothes of azzedine, which are alwaysbeautiful, which are in the exhibition, but let's go a little bit beyond that.whether we have an iconography, we missed, we didn't miss any images since god knows that there are a lot of images today, but there was a lack of beautiful images.on instagram, it would take 2 minutes to see them, while we find ourselves watching them to look at them with much more time.it's important to give back a form of ecological ecological responsibility to photography. it's a lot of bodies from the '80s, but they were not yet 00:01:16.560too archetypal, more androgynous i think, there's something more sensual that we lost along the way. we became much more aggressive with the representation of women than at that time.the work that unites them is a timeless form i think.one works in black and white, azzedine worked a lot in black clothes.the designer does not have a right of veto on the work of the photographer and vice versa.we feel that all this is done not like now!!!open to discover from the 14th november 2021 at the azzedine alaïa foundation.