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R-Evolution -Society - "Luxury et Resilience", interview with Eric Briones

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why is luxury synonymous with resilience?i am fascinated by the financial communication of luxury groups. in april, i did a text study of press releases from kering, lvmh, hermès and they had a common theme, the word: resilience. it is rare. each group usually has its semantic territory and these three groups bring this same word, and i said to myself “you must dig”. then, for me, there is something fundamental. everybody said that this period was hell for luxury, because luxury isn’t a necessity, but it transcended this idea and excelled. it was there to support, with hand sanitiser, masks. these actions of lvmh have transformed its value chain, which has had a huge impact. we did a survey with the school and publicis/ epsilon. 91% of young french people positively perceive lvmh’s actions. that really is significant. we also have seen that the link between luxury consumers and luxury goods has been strengthened during the crisis.giorgio armani wrote the preface to your book, why him?he understands that he is totally resilient through two ideas that i find extraordinary. to be resilient, you must be independent. he is independent. secondly, resilience is eternal. he says that resilience to him is what he created, which is the trace he will leave when he is no longer there.and the next generation?millennials, and generation z account for 180% of the growth of luxury in the next five years. today there is no debate about it. young people are the new targets, and they transform the symbolic significance of luxury objects.and that, dior understood perfectly, for example, or vuitton. today the luxury product becomes the standard of your values, the manifesto of your societal and political engagements. if you are or you wear a polluting brand, you are a polluter. the pop feminism at dior is all about this. it is about incarnation. balenciaga said: the commitment must be visible.luxury and sustainability?resistance is focused on china, the regeneration is this digital evolution, and reinvention is second hand and the environmental, ecological wave, that has become a battle at the heart of lvmh and kering. luxury wants to be at the forefront of this ecological transformation. it doesn’t want to suffer from the wave but it wants to be in front. finally, is luxury doing well?it is a crisis. first, i buy safely and securely, and luxury represents that. the second point is that this crazy year was hard, we want to feel alive, it is all about ‘revenge buying’. i am alive, i buy luxury and this way, i answer to my stress. and the third point, which is what mr armani told us, is that a luxury product is eternal.