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A meeting with Chantal Thomass : a style icon! (with interview)

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Over decades, chantal thomass has become a fashion icon. this queen of chic underwear is also known for her never-changing style. during fashion week she made the parisian joyce gallery her “boudoir apartment” that she presented to us. a dressing room that’s a tribute to femininity mixed with humour and fantasy, this designer always has an inspiring image. interview with chantal thomass:we were at the joyce galerie, at the palais royal and i did a little mini retrospective of what i could do in the past, in accessories, ready-to-wear and a little bit of lingerie but it was especially to show that i made fashion for a long time.i was well known for bustier tops, for things that are tightly fitted and then from the bustiers i arrived at lingerie and in fact i stopped ready-to-wear because my image was so strong in lingerie that it was the only thing that appeared in the press. there was a time when i had problems with my partners, so i stopped ready-to-wear, which was unfortunate because i loved it. i took the opportunity to add the people i like because in fact i initially called it my wardrobe because it was what i liked, it‘s predominantly black. so, i added what i currently like and often wear among young designers such as céleste mogador’s jewels and catherine osti’s cuffs.