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New talent discovery : Rosbalet shoes

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New talent discovery: rosbalet and its founder julia, from russia and based in paris, is currently working with italian ateliers on the creation of her elegant and chic shoes, ranging from flat summer slippers to sock boots worn during the rest of the year. what is striking are the subtle materials, the pop colours and of course the architectural heel - which tells its own story. featuring interview with julia nikulina: i have always been on the lookout for the perfect shoe, which would not only be pretty and beautiful, but also comfortable. i admit that there aren’t that many and that’s why i decided to create and bring something that will be made by a woman, for women, based on comfort. i think the heel is a real signature of the shoe. it’s what matters the most because we could have a simple heel with a more dressy shoe that has extra elements attached. however personally, i try to do the opposite; to have a minimalist design at the top in terms of colour and material in order to draw attention to the heel. very often these days i see women without bags who instead place more importance on shoes. therefore, the goal is to make sure the shoes remain outstanding as an art object, whilst also being easy and accessible. royalty free music : nanina by mariami artlist