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Christopher Kane - Women's Autumn/Winter 2019 Ready-to-Wear Show in London (with interview)

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Designer: christopher kaneinspiration: deafening music and models who seem to come from another world walk confidently. the designer talks about the elevation of his creations that appear to gain height, a parallel with the balloon illustrated throughout this collection.collection: the collection surrounds short voluminous dresses and high waists resembling ball gowns for young girls but more sensual and attractive. rounded shapes become prints on various pieces as well as forming the shape of bags and heels. sensuality is never far, with cut-outs on various textures, lace dresses, attachments and a play on materials. sequins and glitter add shine and pvc adds a futuristic pop.note: multiple propositions of original shoes and bags filled with liquid.interview with christopher kane:it was that whole idea of bounce, there was all that, like elevation even the skirts were bouncing, the girls were bouncing so it was that real feeling of freedom and the strength and the strides, so the girls really did give it their all and i think that came across helping the character of the clothes which was also very strong. but i know what you mean, the music even was very uplifting and gave you a chill and that’s what for me fashion should be. it should give you … amazing.legs are so important, i think women’s legs are so beautiful and sensual and like, i’ve … around a lot of women with great legs and i think the silhouette is really modern also and it’s good to do short again. i think there has been a lot of talk about long, long, long, but it’s good to do really really short and i think that’s empowering. there is a lot of shine, so it’s that whole idea of like oil, fluid, and like the whole idea of liquid ladies, like that’s the title, so that fluidity so even the… it was all very, very, very fluid, which was good, liquidly, mercury. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).