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35 years of Pellegrino, the Parisian magical bag brand

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The 35th anniversary of the brand was celebrated at a “hôtel particulier” in paris with magical, graphic and artistic bags made by renaud pellegrino, the artistic director of the company that was recently brought by tolomei, a group specialising in leather goods. for their anniversary, they had the great idea of asking 35 illustrators from around the world to reinterpret their minaudières. interview with renaud pellegrino: i found it interesting to develop a new approach to working on sketch paper and then protect it so it’s really another vision and it’s quite interesting to mix different ideas and spirits with the multitude of colours that there are, it’s quite amazing.everyone had complete freedom. there was no course of action, there was simply a shape imposed. i wanted the expression of different ideas on the same frame.i had the opportunity to be followed by many magnificent women throughout the years that have encouraged me to continue. it’s true that in certain moments we have doubts, but at the same time the encouragement from our clientele is incredible. we always renew and find new things each season and each collection, so 35 (years of the brand) multiplied by 2 equals 70 collections already completed, so effectively there is always a need to update and improve.