Andreas Kronthaler Vivienne Westwood- Women's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection in Paris (with interview)

Designer: Andreas KronthalerInspiration: Paper clouds under a glass roof with rows of men on skateboards and electric scooters.A surprising mixed casting for a wardrobe composed of numerous very Westwood style basics.Collection: Suit trousers become light in striped and floral patterns. Many propositions of evening dresses, with corsets used as a base covered in pretty materials by Andrea (including jacquard, tulle and silk satin…)Note: The first line of underwear made in collaboration with Yasmine Eslami. Interview with Andreas Kronthaler:I’ve done a little range with Jasmine my best friend who is from Paris and she’s got an underwear line and we were always wanted to collaborate and doing a little range of underwear and that’s what we presented today. There are two main themes, one is the rather casual clothes as you understand and then very easy clothes, things you can put in washing machines and I don’t know some very summery, very light and then there were these evening things which were put on this corsage in some, you know very old, kind of classic ladies underwear, but a little bit more exaggerated and through this you can do things, very crazy things, but in one way a reduced version or something a little bit less makes a very nice dress, but I always have to go very extreme first.Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).

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