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Christian Dior - Women's Spring/Summer Collection 2019 in Paris ( with interviews)

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Artistic director: maria grazia chiurilocation: longchamp’s racecourseinspiration: at the heart of inspiration is movement and dance along with the relationship with the body that this discipline evokes.nine dancers including the choreographer sharon eyal from the l.e.v ballet perform around the models.collection: a collection that gives prominence to lightness, transparency, suppleness and superpositions.the show begins with a series of refined and supple black vestale dresses followed by both long and short tutu dresses.suits and bar jackets belted at the waist in nude tones are worn like a second skin. wide, pleated skirts are combined with leggings. a fishnet effect for slender net dresses.an urban appearance is expressed through tie-dye denim, kaleidoscopic prints and khaki outfits embroidered with multicultural patterns.for the evening, dresses become evanescent worn with leotards.note: plexiglas heels and shoes with braided ribbon reaching the ankle. berets and ribbons are worn on heads like dancers.in the front row: blake lively and chiara ferragni…interviews : interview with camille rowe: since maria grazia started working for the brand she always adds a positive feminine message as she’s inspired by the interesting feminine personality.interview with sharon eyal: i think i’m not thinking, i think i feel, we feel it, going through meeting people like i met her and we really had like an amazing beautiful connection. i think it’s a lot about chemistry and feeling you know when you breathe and you feel like you breathe the same. so i felt it with her, i felt something really connected, i feel like she’s sewing the material inside my body.interview with maria grazia chiuri: this season i decided to work in a different way, because i’ve invited the choreographer, so honestly and dancers to work with me and to make something together. it’s not only that i made the dress, it’s something different, we speak about body because dance and fashion speak about body. all the clothes have so many references also to the dior archives but at the same time, i take off all inside, it is completely empty. i use the tank tulle to drape the dress not the corset because that gives opportunity to dress the clothes, but at the same time to maintain the natural movement.interview with chiara ferragni: i love dior, it’s one of my favorite brands, and i love maria grazia chiuri’s work, as she designed my wedding dress and so she’s like my always favorite and forever. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).