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Antonio Marras - Women's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection in Milan (with interview)

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Designer : antonio marrasinspiration: themes of journeys and of exile through the story of princess romanework, the older daughter of the ethiopian emperor haile selassie, and who was banished to the island of asinara during the second world war.collection: an avalanche of animal prints, floating materials, feminine and delicate silhouettes, with a military spirit reinterpreted through colours and designs.focus on embroidered outfits, on sequins applied to mesh jumpers, on lace mixing with animal patterns, on pleated dresses and sewn feathers, as well as on zipped jackets and frills which decorate sleeves and shirts.note: various styles of derbys, stilettos and sandals with animal patterns + floral headdresses and belts with bags.we see a lot of poetry and a strong universe with detailed set design and soundtrack.the show closes with migrants traversing through doorways symbolizing their journey from one country to another. a striking yet current theme translated through poetry and beauty by the sardinian designer. interview with antonio marras:it started with a woman, princess romanework, who was haile selassie's daughter who was forced to go into exile to small island near sardinia, called asinara during the mussolini regime. i found this story by chance and i wanted to retell it. i really explain the journey from one country to another, the journey through the forest and i started to work on the military side, on old parkas, on animal prints, and on the mix between polka dots, romantic embroideries and rougher textures. i also worked on different volumes, there is a lot of fluidity in this collection.and at the end, there's a little performance with men traversing through doors, which really symbolize a journey, of something we are going through. i really tell this story of love and separation. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).