OLIVIER ROUSTEING gives us his definition of elegance

The definition of elegance by OLIVIER ROUSTEINGInterview of Olivier Rousteing : To be yourself. In fact, I find it so much less elegant when someone tries to be cool when they’re not. And I find that actually, what bores me the most is that everyone today no longer looks to be elegant, but looks to be cool, it’s a much deeper contradiction, that people want to be cool. And I think that being cool is just so short-lived, what I’m doing for Balmain is something that’s timeless, being cool lasts one or two months… in the past it would have lasted a year, but now it lasts 2 months, then even #4days. Everything goes so quickly and this obsession with what’s cool or not isn’t right or logical, in contrast being elegant means to me, be yourself. I think that someone can be elegant, like women, what I mean is, you can be just as elegant in a short dress as in a black suit, but you shouldn’t force it in either one or the other. For me elegance is more of an attitude rather than a garment.

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