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Thom Browne : Men's show Spring/Summer 2019 (with his interview)

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Designer : thom browne inspiration : colourful balloons and a playground for children under the dome on the national school of fine arts in paris. collection : the show opens with garden gnomes in uniforms, grey shorts and a small jumpsuit, mowing the lawn and clipping the flowers. playful patterns, marine animals or crustaceans are printed on the silhouettes. an elegant and chic style, borrowed from the preppy american style. the mixture of pastel and bright colours, stripes and checkered. a sartorial spirit always present, with shorts, blazers and loose jackets, and even a straight skirt for men. focus : on the large, vichy blue checkered bermuda, xxl patterns + a big jacket lined with striped fur + marine yellow blouse + the accessories that come with the collection : a dog or a whale bag and a melon hat in raffia + shoes with wide platform soles. with the interview of thom browne : it’s just, it was like taking this simple idea of garden gnomes and turning it into, like a nonsensical, childlike, amazing, fantastic story. starting with very iconic american preppy colours and then just mixing them as much as possible and playing with preppy iconography and just doing it all to the limit. it starts with where it started seventeen years ago and then this season, just taking the proportions and making the proportions where i am right now. music from the show (for use only context of this report, under cover of the right to information)