Stella McCartney: Men's Presentation Spring/Summer 2019 + Women's Cruise 2019 (with interview)

Designer: Stella McCartneyA presentation in a Milanese garden with stands for pasta and pizza tasting a giant screen to watch the football and games to enjoy with the sweetness of a Milan night.Collection: Men’s Spring/Summer 2019 and the Women’s Cruise Collection 2019.Stella McCartney invites us to the closure of Milan Fashion Week to present her masculine collection (for summer 2019 and her Women’s Cruise Collection for 2019).The masculine wardrobe unites a sartorial spirit with sportswear, young and colourful, with strong colours. For womenswear we also find the codes of Stella, retranslated with lightness, using lace and silk for delicate dresses juxtaposed by more structured pieces. Interview of Stella McCartney: It’s the spring season and so we’re here all the way from London to celebrate with my Italian family, I’m so happy to be here, I love it here!The dress is for every single woman who’s a princess in my mind, and every single man a prince, so something for everyone. I’ve been working with Italy for so long, since the beginning of the brand so for me my other family outside of London is Italy, I’m thrilled to be here it’s so beautiful, the weather is so beautiful and you all have such gorgeous smiles on your faces, I’m thrilled. I’m really excited about the future of the Stella McCartney house, and I feel very, very honoured that we exist, and very happy.Music royalty free / Bandit & Nikit 2018

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