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Missoni: Men's show Presentation Spring/Summer 2019 (with interview)

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Artistic director: angela missoninews: the house of missoni announced a few days ago that the fsi (italian investment fund) has bought a minority stake of 41.2% in the capital. as well as the arrival of michele norsa, the new vice president of the company. the objective: to grow the label internationally and assuring its longevity for the third generation to come. inspiration: a road trip in the desert for a paris-dakar with motorbikes. the motorbike, a true family passion which is passed down at missoni from father to son. collection: a wardrobe which highlights light materials which ventilate and protect from the sand. the colours are warm and nuanced. we find the iconic motifs of the label on knitted jumpers and on the backs of jeans… the suits are both supple and structured and the parkas almost transparent. to note: the trainers decorated with colourful tips and missoni stripes. a mismatch of checks which also make reference to the checkered flag signalling the end of the race!interview of angela missoni: the starting point of this collection, is an adventurer who leaves for dakar, and why? because in my family, they’re all bikers, explorers, they love life, so the starting point was again to show a side that isn’t known to the missoni family, and which is heavily linked to the masculinity of the family. in the clothing, it’s translated into materials which are very light, or very airy and in volumes which also start to get bigger, to become more comfortable. obviously there a leather trousers, but also accessories to protect yourself from the sand, and there’s layering but with very light materials, as if to protect you from mosquitos, anyhow, all these inspirations come from a tropical trip. music royalty free bandit & nikit - 2018