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ETRO: Men's Show Presentation Spring/Summer 2019 (with interview)

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Designer: kean etroinspiration: responsible and engaged fashion with as a manifesto: let us take care of nature. the fashion industry is the second most polluting sector in the world. collection: a maze of vegetation and exotic plants such as flax, bamboo and organic cotton. the colour palette echoes nature and the earth. this silhouettes are soft and fluid. focus on: the suits with generous volumes and intentionally imperfect finishing touches which gives a more raw and natural aspect to the clothes.to note: the woven espadrilles and the printed loafers which imitate exotic animal skin. interview of kean etro: once you love nature, you behave accordingly to your best, to the best of your capacity so i think it also works well for a company, for companies.in the garment, first of all i think one very clear message is biodiversity, what does that mean, being diverse, and alive bio, so we should consume fibres, garments that are for example bamboo.this t-shirt here, basically with a stencil technique also hers, everyone’s, we did it with chlorophyll. very fluid, very comfortable, very roundish, and it you go through it the art and craft is amazing, everything is unprecise so it’s rough stuff, raw materials a raw outlook, imperfection, scars, us. we are like that.music royalty free bandit & nikit - 2018