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PAUL & JOE Show - Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Paris (with interview)

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Designer: sophie mechalylocation: the rooms of the france amérique.a jubilant collection, energetic and fresh with a many floral embroidered coats and wool shearling ribbed blousons. knitwear is paired with childlike motifs, it’s a wardrobe with a mix of playful prints and a clash of sparkling colours. the trousers are flared, adorned with metallic studs, embroidery, rhinestones…everything mixed with joy.focus: on a leather jacket worn with a sequined skirt, a bronzed pleated skirt worn with a knitted and organza top, plus the huge ribbed velvet. to note: a sparkling evening to finish this parisian fashion week in style! interview:she is totally parisian, she assumes herself, she dress like it, seductive, but there’s also this little girl side to her, who has modesty, who has restraint, but who’s still a bit cheeky and who wants to have fun! it’s a blend of colours, orange with green, pink, the prints, the jacquards, it’s true that there’s a multitude of materials, of layering, mohair with organza, quite a few lengths, glitter, i wanted it to be dazzling, i wanted optimism despite winter, we have long winters, cold, vigorous getting colder and colder, so as compensation we need jubilant fashion, fresh fashion, and almost summer fashion but for winter. the playful, colourful prints, with small animals and graffiti, it’s a look back to my childhood, i loved stickers, i loved coloured dots, and i loved colouring books, so all of the small animals that we see are tagged, coloured over, there are small trains because my big brother used to love trains, it’s has a slightly wallpaper aspect to it. there’s lots of embroidered detailing on the clothes, there’s studs, there are sequins, studs blended with sequins, there’s a lot or artisanal work, which is what i wanted for this collection, we’re a french brand, we produce 95% of the collection in france, everything that you see has been made by little hands in ateliers and it can fit within the framework of production and that’s what also gives it individuality, the character of a garment, its originality, its particularity as well and obviously i never forget that we can make clothes that you can wear and that you can find in the shop too. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)