ISSEY MIYAKE Show - Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Paris (with interview)

Artistic Director : Yoshiyuki MiyamaeCollection: nature as a source of inspiration is always freshened up at Issey Myake. With researched textures and a new pleating with threads of wool, which makes way for knitwear of a new kind. Focus: on the lightness, comfort for enveloping clothing which as always, has poetry and modernity loyal to the DNA of the Japanese label. A white ensemble, a loose puffer coat and fringed clothing. To note: Wave effects, such as pleating and the harmonious blends of brown and blue but equally the touches of vibrant yellows and pinks. The trousers are loose and voluminous, the skirts quilted. Everything is about movement and warmth for clothes that act like cocoons.Interview with Yoshiyuki Miyamae:We developed and created a new textile, so this time it’s a knitted thread and pleats, and they’re combined onto one garment. Very light, very light and washable.I want to express balance and a light feeling for winter because people don’t want heavy clothes in winter, so Issey Miyake has to create light clothes. The weight is light and the feeling is light. We use white, a very pure and natural colour and then it changes for the final part into the colours of spring. Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)

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