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CHRISTIAN DIOR Show- Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Paris (with interviews)

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Creative director : maria grazia chiuri inspiration: maria grazia celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of may 1968 and the sixties where everything was a question of personality and creativity. a collection which evolves even more towards a spirit of freedom through associations, shapes and materials. the designer likes making her revolution and turns codes of the house upside down. a colourful catwalk placarded with archive photos and messages which reflect a desire to change the world. collection: the kilt takes pride of place declining in different lengths, tartan, checks and transparency. a blend of masculine and feminine skillfully measured out by the designer. focus: on the lace or frilled organza dresses, on a metallic pea coat, on nature which adorns the delicate dresses, on the fringed and embroidered knitwear. to note: the embroidery on the organza dresses, patchwork composed of the house’s heritage prints. the dresses are shortened and worn with high, biker boots. + the number of accessories and colorful sunglasses. interviews: maria grazia chiuri: i wanted to see what was happening at dior in 1968, and i found an image that i found really fun, these women in front of a dior store, who made a manifestation, because they wanted to have more short skirts in the collection. it was an idea to reflect on time, and fashion, it some ways speaks about time. i think that in the sixties, diana vreeland wrote the word “youthquake”, and she said that she lived at two important moments in her life, 1920 and 1960 where there is a new generation, a young generation that in some way changed our point of view about sexuality, about women, about men. in some way i think that now there is another moment in this way with this new media, the young generation gives us a lot of questions. gabriella wilde: maria grazia, she kind of embodies that kind of strong femininity and i think that all of her clothes just show that perfectly. adwoa aboah: one of the true authentic voices of the fashion industry in terms of the topics that she brings up within her collection and i think she comes from a really honest place and she’s very aware of the youth culture, and what they have to say and what they want. selah marley: especially with this specific collection, right now i think of anything that is elegant, exquisite, but still…i’ve noticed lately from what i’ve seen of dior it’s still very youthful and jubilant and it keeps this same balance between grace and luxury, but also fun and youthful. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)