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Gucci Show - Men's and Women's Collection Autumn Winter 2018/19 in Milan

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Inspiration: with a collection entitled ‘cyborg’ and an operating theatre serving as décor, cold and austere, with shades of green and white which dominate, alessandro michele delivers a collection which is once again full of surprises and several references. the gucci-cyborg appears to be post-human, he has three eyes, two heads, horns or carries accessories such as a dragon, or a snake. it is no longer a question of gender, normality or identity, where everything is constantly evolving… collection: a refined style for the show, with a multitude of propositions and layering, big shirts and printed dresses. the tailored trousers and skirts are closefitting or in volumes, in tones which seemed aged by time, a baroque spirit with velvet for long dresses with flared sleeves. other dresses borrow an oriental style with many pieces of jewellery, jackets, bombers, and revisited sports jackets. prints of flowers and sequins. a rich collection, decadent, surprising, without genders, for a daring mood. to note: the tulle capes worn over complete ensembles or just over trousers, a ‘candy’ jumper (from the cartoon) and the numerous accessories which catch our attention: shoulder bags, long gloves, new models of shoes and trainers, hats and scarves, glasses, new woolly hats in a ‘wrestler’ style which hides the face…music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)