The perspective of Carlo Capasa, President of the Italian Chamber of Fashion

Carlo Capasa discusses the evolution of fashion and fashion weeks and emphasises the importance of Italian creativity where big names stand alongside young designers. Three written questions: The evolution of fashion today? Is the fashion council still indispensable? Big names or young designers?Interview from Carlo Capasa: Fashion is absolutely an evolution because it’s not so strict anymore, fashion shows, presentations, exhibitions, events all that is simply a way to express your brand or your idea, your concept. You cannot put something in a box and say ‘you are a fashion show, you are an exhibition, you are…’no. We have to be very fluid, to accept what is happening today. That means that sometimes you have a different way to express yourself, as long as you are coherent, that’s good. Our organisation, the Italian fashion council, Camera Della Moda, we have to put the frame and the frame has to be something modern that accepts what is happening in the world, then the content is up to every designer to put. In terms of creation, we need big brands with incredible vision, that they are the best ambassadors of Italy and then we need also the research of new brands, what is behind, underground so to keep a balance in all this is very important for me. Music royalty free/ Bandit & Nikit / 2017

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