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Les Hommes : Menswear show Autumn/Winter 2018/19 (with interview)

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Artistic directors: tom notte & bart vandebosch theme: a collection inspired by medieval times, mixing romanticism with a dark urban mood. collection: protective clothing, rounded outlines, conceived to be like armour, with a play on superposition and angles. focus: on the oversized coats and the shearling jackets with multiple stitched details incrusted with metallic rivets or embroidered with floral motifs. a sartorial spirit for the suits with wide trousers. plus, an urban silhouette for the leather jackets with graphic patterns imitating camouflage. to note: the long strapped gloves on the arms, the metallic jewelry reaching from the chin to the bottom lip, the padded leather, belts with wide pockets at the waist plus shrugs on the shoulders. interview :tom notte : so the mood of the collection, we took les hommes new collection, is a journey to the medieval past but it’s a historical journey that resulted in research on heraldism (heraldry?), on knights, chevaliers and it resulted really in a very dark, romantic, epic silhouette, a new urban chevalier. bart vandebosch : for the fabrics we have a lot of very heavy fabrics, super heavy, very thick, we have a really nice “tombé” it falls in a beautiful way, very rich looking, super heavy oversized knitwear and then of course all the metal embellishment everywhere. tom notte : even though we work with sportswear for example oversized hoodies, it’s all in jacquard, it’s all in placement jacquard so everything is very refined, very delicate let’s say in terms of placement, in terms of materials so this is the sartorial element that is still very present. bart vandebosch : but now this season everything is oversized, so the bottom is very oversized but also the tops so it becomes a very architectural silhouette, very “grandeur”, really like the chevaliers from that period from the medieval period so that’s quite new for us this season. music from the fashion show