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Interview from Bruno Pavlovsky-President of fashion at Chanel

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In the setting for the latest chanel collection, bruno pavlovsky president of fashion for chanel, forcefully expresses the strength of chanel, his strategy and his vision of fashion. interview with bruno pavlovsky:decor is important because it’s what brands the collection and we can consider a show as a type of launch ramp for sending the collection into the world by putting it in a particular setting, and then writing a particular story. afterwards it’s important for us to materialize it in the décor and that inspiration is present in the décor. we also have our heritage and our archives, we also have a number of exhibitions which illustrate the brand, the creativity of the brand, its historic attachment, the history, the culture of the brand but at the end of the day what’s most important in this world where everything shifts, is to also be capable of communicating this creativity through exceptional shows like we have here. i think that each time it allows us through our boutiques, through our clients, to have an important dialogue which always ends in arrival at the product. but it’s all fanciful, all of the inspiration allows us to make a link, with the product, that’s very important for us. we talk a lot about experience, experience is supplementary, it needs to have creativity at the start, so i think that creation is fundamental it’s what provokes a reaction and afterward, experience it’s a method of accompanying our clients and taking them back to creation. and today, we can’t talk about one without mentioning the other. the two are very complimentary.we always work to seduce the daughters of our clients if i may say so. that is to say we want to embark on the next generation, those who are here and those who will come have a particularity but it’s a particularity which is no longer a particularity; they’re connected all day. and they permanently use digital tools both in their private and professional lives and so for a brand like us, it’s how to embark on that terrain but it’s also an opportunity for us, to express strong creativity and that’s what is interesting. 10 years ago when we did a show, afterwards we did a photo campaign, we made some books and did some publicity, and that would be that. today we would do the same things but they no longer exist so we have to engage all of our clients and our future clients through a story which makes them dream and i think that starting like that, with a décor like we have here but with a collection such as that, each time it’s a very strong starting point for success in embarking. the most important thing is that there is emotion, is that there’s something which stays, this creativity that people feel through emotion which is felt during this show that’s what we bring in, because emotion is probably what makes the biggest mark today. unfortunately it’s not ‘likes’ and we like nearly 10 times every day, rather it’s the emotion you felt when you had the privilege of being there, the way you spoke about it, the way afterward people experience it and hurry to watch it etc. that for me is what remains most important and that’s what mr. karl lagerfeld is doing admirably. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).