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Chanel - Women's ready to wear show Spring/Summer 2018 in Paris (with interviews)

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Artistic director : karl lagerfeldatmosphere : after last season’s rocket, a change in atmosphere comes in the form of waterfalls and nature at the heart of the grand palais. a summery atmosphere, exotic, with the sun which illuminates the glass roof and décor with its rays. collection: water is a source of inspiration, with luminous materials, bathed in colour. tweed is revisited through fringing, it’s light and even mixed with pvc. the waists of the jackets are emphasized, marked at the hips. the full skirts are nearly transparent with pastel tones. the silhouette is young, joyful and energetic. to note: the numerous crystal jewelry, which adds a brightening touch, the many pvc accessories: the boater hat, high length boots with blackened ends and the removable hood… all the short tweed tailoring, the loose trousers shortened on the legs, the fluid ensembles with water inspired prints, the delicacy of the shirt’s gigot sleeves in silk muslin, and the thousands of leaves and swishing dresses of great craftsmanship. denim is treated with finesse. the white finale is delicate with an iridescent effect. beauty: a blue halo for the eyes and a red lip for the models. interviews from bruno pavlovsky, monica bellucci, cécile cassel, marie-ange casta, laura smet.bruno pavlovsky:to have a strong point that allows us to be a bridge, which allows us to engage both the teams and the clients in a vision for the collection, it’s, i think, what allows us to make a difference. and we talk a lot about experience, but experience is supplementary, it’s necessary at the start that there’s a point of creativity and creation is fundamental. monica belluccieverything is related to water and movement, the flow, the origin and it’s not just a show but an authentic show, wonderful with so much poetry, elegance, sensuality, as always. cécile casselthis play with incredible materials, the vinyl used like that, with leather, it’s new and so inventive and so modern, creative, a joy. marie-ange castathere are reinterpretations, so there are classic shapes, made from materials we know but every time it’s surprising, it’s modern. laura smeti thought that was wonderful, very happy and it feels good in our current time to have colours, lightness, you get the impression that this is announcing something joyful and tender, very ethereal.