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Chanel Cruise Show 2017/18 ( with interviews )

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Title of the collection: the modernity of antiquitycollection : chanel cruise 2017/18location : grand palais inspiration : greece symbolizes the origin of beauty and culture for karl lagerfeld focus : a fashion architecture, with marbled tweeds, belted suits of an assorted cord, straight skirts livened up with pockets, dresses with fringed edges and a vestal dress with fluid materials, light and delicate pleats for a modern goddess. the knit is scattered with embroidery, greek graphics celebrating a reinvented antiquity. the colours reference the earth, the marble columns and greek antiquityto note : the jewelry which goes round the arms, the ribbons or crowns in the hair and the roman sandals with column heels and straps that encircle the leg.interviews :caroline de maigret it is full of ideas, i found very light, soft materials which move with the wind, which take us to a kind of dream, a holiday in which we aspire to. there are the summery releases for the evening, day looks, and there was imagination in the creativity which was really surprising. we found pleats in ancient greece and both the modernity that chanel brings, from miniskirts, to a bit of a boyish side with the pockets, a bit androgynous in all these very sculptural dresses of greek goddesses, of vestals. at chanel there is always a connection with history and the arts which is the same link that gabrielle maintained from stravinski to cocteau. it was music, painting, writing, they inspire each other and it’s the quality that karl lagerfeld has, he’s a man of a crazy knowledge. here it’s very strong to take back the greek antiquity codes because it influences him, who has digested it and who can rephrase it in a current and very modern fashion. clotilde hesme : it really represents the alliance of tradition and modernity. there is something eminently modern and lively, a durability in classism and that touches me, and you mustn’t forget memory. we are in troubled times at the moment and the importance of memory and remembrance is essential. music from the show