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Paul & Joe - Women's Autumn-Winter 2017/18 collection in Paris (with interview)

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Designer : sophie mechalyambiance : in the rooms of the hotel particulier le marois france-amériques, the girls pass through the outdoor courtyard before modelling in the rooms. the very positive designer takes advantage of the show to share messages of love and good vibes. collection : the trouser suits in amazing colours, from pool table green, to red orange, in smooth velvet or corduroy. the maxi knitted jumpers entirely made by handthe coloured lips appearing on the dresses, the suits and the accessories just like flower prints the beaded jacket and jeansto note : the velvet jumpsuits or dungarees + the disco touch with jumpsuits and sexy dresses in gold or silver. interview with sophie mechaly : for this collection there is 90 %, more extremely luxurious fabrics, when i say luxurious, it’s the essentially french fabrics, like calais lace, palatine velvet, corduroy, there is chiffon, jacquard painted by hand, the fabrics are a little bit couture, everything is practically french, there are some italian velvets, i wanted to make all the very precise, very high end, accessible, i wanted to adapt them for my line, in a casual, urban, modern, contemporary side and for every day.the trousers for me are the base of the wardrobe, also like the shirt, a men’s shirt, and the jacket so it’s true that i had a lot of fun with this winter collection, reworking the smoking jacket, with nothing underneath, it was more sexy, so i used surprising colours, pool table green, quite bizarre bordeaux red, with black satin lapels, a little loose and wide trousers dragging on the floor.its true that these are pieces which are indispensable to a wardrobe paul & joe is always a homage, my big lips, which evoke kisses, love and little bit of a malicious side, i worked them in maxi, in mini, on the accessories, on the boots, on the bags and it’s a positive message, it’s a colorful message, its goes well with the brand’s style and dna.music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)