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Kate Spade - Women's Autumn/Winter 2017-18 collection in New York ( with interview )

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Creative director : deborah llyodambiance : well known in america and england, the kate spade house delivers very feminine and coloured, accessories, jewelry and clothes every season. for fashion week, a russian tea room has been recreated for the presentation of two collections, spring-summer 2017 using the “see now, buy now” and that of fall-winter 2017/18silhouette : russia and paris in the 20s for next winter with floral capes and dresses, trimmings, details and accessories echoing the russian dolls. not forgetting the red poppy, again for more femininity morocco as a source of inspiration for summer, bringing lightness and softness to the collection with light dresses, pleated skirts and pastel tones.to note : the fun touch with the accessories like the cake bags, the “russian doll” heels, and a leopard or cat touch printed on the dresses. interview with deborah lloyd : we like to bring our girl into the story telling, so to have a show which isn’t a classic fashion show, but there’s movement, we want it to be a little bit like an art happening, so you can really get to see the details we put into everything, from the jewelry, to the clothes, the shoes, everything that’s ours, and the handbags, but there’s some movement there, you have got time to take it all in and to see all thirty girls and al the depth and dimension that we havethe real idea behind the show was paris of the 1920s, the salons of paris, where some incredible women met and it really let their individuality shine, paris really brought that out of those womenour kate spade girl, is a feminine girl but she can twist it up accordingly. its pieces you can layer up, with coats on the top, or take them away whether you’re in the warmth of spring, or in the middle of winter like it feels in new york, you can still wear those things, it just depends on how you style them up.it really was that colour of empowerment, that red and pink again, very strong important colours at the momentwe are just such a positive, feminine brand so i think that shines through in everything that we do. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)