ANTONIO MARRAS - Menswear collection Autumn/Winter 2017/18 in Milan

A collection in the form of an artistic performance for the Sardinian Antonio Marras: Men, women, actors and dancers perform his collection.Title : Haunted – menswear and womenswear 2017Location: MilanAmbiance : presentation under the form of living paintings, with performances and scenographies exposed on 1300 square meters. A presentation which gave Antonio Marras more than a year of work and more than 5 months for the installation. Inspiration : Scotland, its nature, its vegetation, and huntingWorked silhouettes, transformed with a mix of materials and prints with a number of embroidery and embellishments.To note : the military spirit reinterpreted with romanticism and tartan kilts for the men. Men and women pose together, mixing the different artistic domains that the designer has always been fond of. Interview with Antonio Marras :I really looked for faces and the physique in order to make a dialogue about fashion and art. It’s my way of working, you see, there are performers, actors and actresses who makes things, there are really how can I say…dialogues between art and fashionThere are very strong things, there are very romantic things, there are very, very erotic things, and for each installation we really tried to create a different solution.Royalty Free Music/ Bandit & Nikit

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions