Haute Couture Special : Julien Fournié, is the fifteenth designer to become a couturier. Exclusive interview inside his ateliers.

Julien Fournié is the 15th designer to become a couturier but more precisely, to have been officially elected as a permanent member near the big houses like Dior, Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier or more recently, Schiaparelli. He founded his own fashion house in 2009, at 32 years old, and has always been passionate about luxury, couture, ateliers and craftsmanship.Interview with Julien Fournié : Haute couture is a French savoir faire, Parisian in fact. It should be known that if the whole world is fighting to be on the Parisian platform, either to show their work, that means to do a fashion show, or for making sales, then it means something! We are still the leaders of creativity.I'm part of the ninth generation of couturiers, so I have to be the protector of the traditional and handmade savoir-faire of Haute couture, namely: embroiders, feather workers, people who make flowers in an incredible way, and even the people who work with fur. But also, I should project the métier into the future. And that’s haute couture, it’s to always be three steps ahead and play with its time.The official name of ‘permanent member of Haute Couture’ and the fact I am one of the 15 worldwide houses that have this label, is going to have crucial repercussions for my business. That’s to say : for my haute couture clients, it’s going to create a new network of sales. It will reassure the ready to wear buyers, because the Fournié house is also part of the French ready to wear with French accessories. But also because we are in full development, and looking for investors and investments. So we are going to be extremely particular about the people who will enter the company.You don’t become a couturier without thinking, you become a couturier because it’s visceral, because without it, your heart stops. If I don’t do that, I have nothing more to say, I am dead, and so it’s that, Haute couture is a story of life. Music free of right : Bandit & Nikit

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