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Paul & Joe - Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interview)

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Venue : quai de célestins along the seine an outdoor showdesigner : sophie mechaly silhouette : new silhouettes with a collection which unites femininity and streetwear that is worn with a hip hop accent and plays with superpositionfocus : on the flowers reworked in a more graphic way, prints or embroidery and the bows on the shoulders pleated dresses with thin straps embroidered with roses or orchids ultra light crop top, embroidered lace sleeves and short jeans with coloured cabochons striped jacket worn with a dress cut on the bias shredded patchwork denim embroidered t-shirt with a sparkly palette buttoned cotton dress with sparkly, embroidered graphic flower motifsblouson with yellow tulle frills on a denim miniskirt focus : platform flip flops adorned with cabochons interview with sophie mechaly :this collection is a first for me, i took a turn in the direction of my personal desires, the novelty for me is the superposition and it’s also the contrast between the very, very loose bottom with the top being extremely feminine . we got this idea of quite a hip hop skater so i wanted to break it a bit with basic principles of femininity and romanticism, quite pretty, romantic young girl, which brings a new touch that breaks with this idea of the label. denim is very present, but it’s been reworked, with the revival of the 501 high waist, which we overlapped and completely reviewed, which was embellished in embroidery and cabochons, there are denim miniskirts, and there are denim patchworks. the bow is also a reoccurring aspect, i’ve always loved the bow and revisiting it without falling into too much of a cute side. i really wanted to offer a space full of with oxygen through the location, rhythm, and the energy of the collection. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)