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Vionnet - Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris ( with interview )

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Artistic director : goga ashkenazimood : ‘hotel particulier’, veil which floats above the heads, grand staircase, wooden chairs. goga, the designer, is inspired by greece, the underwater world, everything distilling a more urban collection than before.silhouette : widely shaped tops with floating swathes of material, goddess evening dresses, always pulled in at the waist, asymmetric, with bare shoulders. focus : the colour, a grey stripe through a powder pink dress, the simplicity of the white suit and a double breasted jacketto note : the denim, present through a jacket, bermuda shorts or trousers with gold thread sprinkled at the bottom.the belt bag, practical and chic. interview with goga ashkenazi : well this collection as you see from the title is inspired by ‘homer’s odyssey’ it is a grecian text, and grecian culture has been influencing modern madeleine vionnet from 1910, a hundred years ago, and continues to be very inspirational, but ultimately it’s the story of a sea journey and this sea journey you will see has been translated into a very urban, but delicate, beautiful vionnet language throughout the collectionthis is spring summer its very light we are always inspired by what vionnet stands for, this is fluid elegant flowing silhouettes this is our language, sensual, fluid, elegant, flowing this is the language of vionnet and of course is part of this collection as well. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)