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GIAMBA : Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Milan (with interview)

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Area : litta palace at the heart of milan inspiration : “alice in wonderland”et madame litta, the hostessdesigner : giambattista vallivibe : a luxurious collection, young feminine and delicate focus : on the many prints inspired by the palace walls and the photographs of sunsets in california that are found on the bomber jackets, skinny trousers. on the pink sequined blouson, the fringes cascading down on the long dress, the flared trouser suit and the miniskirts and trousers in panther print.to note : the decorated shoes : glittery heeled boots or mules with an decorated sole. and the fluidity of materials. silhouette : tight fitting printed trouser suit, long and short frilly dresses.interview with giambattista valli : there was an idea of this italian girl, the young daughter of the owner of this building. she was born and raised here but moved to la years ago. she returned yesterday evening; she threw a small party because she was with her friends again. in the morning she woke up with jet lag, she put on her slippers, and she is walking around the halls, in the rooms of this immense apartment but with the assurance of someone who was born and raised here.she’s flicking on the music, she woke up at 3 in the afternoon, the time of the show.she is called alice, it’s a girl who isn’t scared to have experiences in life. she wants to have innovation, she wants to understand, she looks, and she is unique, very personal. it’s a small alice in wonderland, the brocards which come from the material off the walls from the halls. there are trousers, like five cut pockets, but with these brocards like this, or these brocards with its picture taken with an iphone, these pictures of californian sunsets.it’s like memories, morsels, experiences. she is a nomad, she isn’t scared to travel, she isn’t scared of other cultures, she is very open, she mixes cultures, she is giamba. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)