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Prabal Gurung : collection spring summer 2017 in New York

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Designer : prabal gurung atmosphere : the multiple inspirations of the designer, from the feminist authour gloria steinem to influential artists like tracey emin and taryn simon. silhouette : mainly loose with jumpers worn over asymmetric skirts, fringing and clasps and hooks. focus on : the long dresses at the end, with shimmering tones, to very large cape sleeves and embroderies done in nepal on certain pieces. interveiw with prabal gurung: so spring 2017 it started with this book that i read that was written by gloria steinem, her life on the road, «my life on the road. » it talks about her movement, it’s about the feminist movement and you know what i really wanted to capture was the essence of who she is and the spirit that she embodies which was like really free, independent, colourful, courageous and bold, and so that’s what the collection is about. along with that i started looking at these artists william kentridge, tracey emin and taryn simon whose artwork whilst it may look beautiful, will have a political message behind it, which i really thought was important in the times we live in today. especially with the possibility of america getting its first female president i thought that the message i was going to send around the world was really important. so i wanted to capture that spirit of colour, texture, freedom and choices. in today’s world where fast fashion and « buy-now, wear-now » is becoming a big trend, it is important for a designer like me, or a designer who is similar to me, to make clothes which are always done in a way that feels intimate, detailed, and thoughtful. because the way that we make this collection, it takes us six months to make it at least, you know, it’s not something that we do overnight, so i just enjoy that process and luckily for me i have an audience who enjoys it. music from the fashion show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)