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Key fashion moments: Chanel re-invents Cruise

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After the “5 à 7” collection in december 2003, this is the chanel cruise, presenting a fresh and basic mid-season range consisting of the original designs such as the classic chanel suits, blazers and pastel colours for summer evenings. the presentation took place on a yacht, on the seine in paris... just pure chanel and pure lagerfeld. interview from karl lagerfeld: it is all to do with cruising so we presented this on a boat and it is also about being near the sea side. the whole idea of cruising is to do with a part of the summer season which starts somewhere in the world much earlier than it starts here, and before summer collections appear in the shops. but there is always good weather somewhere in the world at each point throughout the year, so you always need both winter and summer clothes. the starting point was pretty easy, there were rain coats in the summer collection because everyone was saying that it what they needed. just for laughs i said, “right i’m going to do a chanel raincoat” and then all the women started saying that they needed blazers, so i said “right we are going to make a chanel blazer”. we had fun with the chanel badges because the blazers that we had previously designed had badges, so that was the starting point and we developed the collection to include long dresses and that lead to other ideas for pretend suit dresses and it was a real chain reaction like that. a lot of people who buy chanel know one another so we have to be really careful that they don’t have the same dress and the same style. it’s fun and i like making dresses so i don’t mind designing dresses that are different from one another. it’s not the same as the fashion in october or march, there aren’t millions of people we don’t need to entertain 2000 of them, so we can make it a lot more personal and private which is a bit like the “5à7” collection that we made in december. it is something that is parisian, but it’s also fun for foreigners. music from the show