Ulyana Sergeenko- Fashion Show Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2016/17

Designer: Ulyana Sergeenko and her partner, Frol Burimskiy Location: The Natural History Museum in ParisInspiration: Russia and above all the Russia of her parents’ generation, in the 60’s, during a period when the country was full of industrialization, giving birth to dreams with a nod towards sport, towards scientific exploration, towards the heroes and heroines of their childhood.Focus on: the loose trousers worn beneath a lurex sweater with the <> for Ulyana’s name in Russian + flowery or sparkling dresses with long sleeves + the leather jacket and their mini skirt with embroidered patches. To note: the accessories: the sequined helmets + the handbag inspired by Ulyana’s grandmother. Music from the fashion show/ not to be used 7 days after the show

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