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Sergeenko- Fashion Show Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2016/17 (with interview)

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Designer: ulyana sergeenko and her partner, frol burimskiy location: the natural history museum in parisinspiration: russia and above all the russia of her parents’ generation, in the 60’s, during a period when the country was full of industrialization, giving birth to dreams with a nod towards sport, towards scientific exploration, towards the heroes and heroines of their childhood. focus on: the loose trousers worn beneath a lurex sweater with the <<y>> for ulyana’s name in russian + flowery or sparkling dresses with long sleeves + the leather jacket and their mini skirt with embroidered patches. to note: the accessories: the sequined helmets + the handbag inspired by ulyana’s grandmother. interview with ulyana sergeenko and frol burimskiy:ulyana sergeenko : this collection is dedicated to the youth of our parents, and of course again it’s a very soviet storyfrol burimskiy: it’s a very personal story, every season it’s only personal story a personal memory, right? we love the sporty part and you know, there was a lot about science and a lot about explorers of the north, because in the 60s in the soviet union, there was this huge industrialisation and industrial progress and they did explore the territories, the scientific element was very strong so that’s maybe where the more serious part of the collection comes from. so they are all our heroes from the 60’s maybe from the 70’s, or maybe just from the time of the youth of our parents, and they just represent the limitlessness of these dreams, you know, that when you are young you can do anything. so each of them has a different character from the time, a different memory from a movie, i don’t know, from our heads, from our school, but each of them come together to form the collection. music from the fashion show/ not to be used 7 days after the show