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Issey Miyake - MENSWEAR collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interview)

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Designer: yusuke takahashilocation: at the heart of the pierre and marie curie university, paris inspiration: the evolution of the issey miyake man for the designer who has just celebrated 3 years as artistic director. + always travel with a spiritual destination this time to benares in india + the live performance of the japanese group kikagaku moyosilhouette: white dominates first and foremost, the desire for comfort, lightness, with harem style trousers and shirts – loose tunics. the pleat takes a more smocked effect this season.focus on: the monochrome aspect, a pure white, a delicate black, navy blue+ the tye & dye on tunics and shirtsnote: natural fabrics (linen, cotton, wool) reworked with functions: increasable, washable and completely stretch interview from yusuke takahashi:for this season i wanted to show what the issey miyake identity is, for example a piece of cloth, or the fabrics or a relaxed silhouette, comfortable and easy to wear, functional clothes. i went to the india in december and i visited banaras, a very spiritual city of the indian people and i was so impressed with people’s style with how they put on a piece of cloth, so i realised the original meaning of our clothes, which are very close to us, so by keeping this in mind i created this collection. i also like to look for a new style, so of course i like travelling and the way people travel nowadays is very common , so that was one of the things that has evolved the issey miyake heritage, i am always looking forward this thing. this time we focused on the very big silhouette because that is very popular at issey miyake so we focused on the volume again because that is very important for us.music of the show, do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show