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Antonio Marras - MENSWEAR collection spring/summer 2017 in Milan (with interview)

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Antonio marras has chosen to present the menswear and the womenswear at the same time for greater coherence at his own place, his milanese showroom. he, like many designers, wanted to calm down the hype and take time to put the design at the heart of the matter.inspiration: the fabric is the central theme for his collection that the sardinian designer mixes, embroiders and paints.a wardrobe composed of essentials and basics, but done with antonio marras’ romantic touch.+ travel, flowers, stripes, camouflage and ancient patterns of chinese porcelain and paravent. focus on: the jackets in camouflage patterns, striped trousers stitched in a point of couture, shirts in patchworks of different fabrics, suits printed with delicate flowers.interview from antonio marras:the menswear and womenswear collections are very similar to each other, they really have the same spirits, the same dna and the same red thread and we have really started to think about this idea of working with the same fabrics and the same prints and we are going to present them both together. i chose prints that are really significant to the collection. it is a collection that tells a story of travel, jetting off, a will to discover different cultures, new countries and we particularly started to rework the chinese porcelain. we worked on the drawings from chinese paravent, we mixed it up and there is a military jacket that has completely changed, there are also jeans that are treated in this super strong and super washed way.i collaborated with an artist called franko b who is an italian artist who lives in london and he sent me the drawings which we worked on together. i think we do not need any more "fast fashion" but a "slow fashion", because i think creativity is the meaning of our work and that is why we need time, not too much, but the time to think for a second. music of the show, do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show