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Philipp Plein - MENSWEAR collection spring/summer 2017 in Milan

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Designer: philipp pleinambiance: his fashion shows are true spectacles. this season he puts american sport centre stage with a basketball court as the runway silhouette: sportswear but with so many luxurious embellishments and details. a streetwear allure keeps up his 10 year reputation. the colours: orange, black yellow and electric blue collide focus on: the bermuda shorts in nylon and on the high sneakers. we see again the shirts in leather, the designer’s true signature piece, decorated with skull and crossbones or quilted in a nylon orange version. note: the busta rhymes performance and paris hilton and mario balotelli on the front row. interview from: philipp pleinfashion is born in the street because that is where real trends are made. you have to look at young people and see how they put clothes together and how they wear their clothes. i have a house in new york and when i moved in, i walked around to get to know my area and i saw all these people playing basketball in the evening, so that was a big inspiration, so the inspiration came from new york. it is a luxury streetwear, at the moment there are so many different trends going on in the fashion industry and i think a man wants to look like a man he wants to feel comfortable and when you feel comfortable you also look good automatically and that is really important.summer is about colours so we love colours and this is important because people in fashion now they always buy black because there is a crisis where people are afraid of colour, honestly speaking fashion gives you the possibility to express your feelings and with colour you can show your feelings, today i am orange, tomorrow i am red and as you can see most of the time i wear black but my shoes are pink. i like my sneakers because we are very strong in the shoes; i love all of them it is also an important part of the basketball game, the shoes and of course the clothes, they are sports clothes i feel very comfortable in these clothes you can wear them every day, i don’t design for the catwalk, i design for your wardrobe so you can go to the shop and buy them! music of the show, do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show