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Chanel Cruise Collection in Cuba, from behind the scenes to the party! With interviews

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Location: havana, outside, on the paseo del prado, one of the main streets in the city.the first chanel fashion show in latin america, orchestrated by karl lagerfeld. the guests arrived in coloured old american cars. the models of the moment (kendall, lineisy, lindsey, mica, etc…) all answered present, with a show opened by stella tennant. inspiration: cuba of course and its history (the 30’s/40’s), its colours, its music. the spencer jacket and its cuffed wide trousers, with a large belt in fabric, the ruffled dresses, transparent shirts, skirts in tweed, finishing in fringes, the bicoloured shoes, the panama hats and berets made by maison michel. to note: the t-shirt “coco cuba” & the coloured, prints of old cars; a symbol of cubanot to mention the finale in dance and music, the cubans lean over their balconies, dazzled by the show, the after party where everyone, including karl, cannot stop dancing… with interviews from : tilda swinton;;vanessa paradis;; gisèle bündchentilda swinton it is like the best school trip you can imagine, it is like a family holiday then you wait for the invitation, you get it, you say, “where are we going this time?!”… ah cuba!!vanessa paradis it was so feminine, with a lot of accessories, the first suits, the dresses, jackets and hats, i loved it all and then i adored the colours to follow. gisele bundcheni loved the flowy skirts and the t-shirts; i like to mix t shirts and flowy shirts and things like that because it kind of feels boyish and cool so i loved all thattilda swinton i felt that it was a real homage to cuba and to havana in particular. it started with the music and so by embedding it in that we were all transported, it was like a fantasy version of everything that we came to expect so it was just a very joyous, emotional celebration of everything cuban. music from the show