Moncler Gamme Rouge- WOMENSWEAR collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Paris (with interview)

Designer: Giambattista ValliLocation: Grand Palais, ParisInspiration: Gstaad, in Switzerland.The mountain and its folklore, notably men coming to ring the bells in traditional dress Focus: the pleated skirts with braces in patent leather+ The cardigans in knit with fur lining+ Coats with squares of fur + Sequins, macramés and sparkle, notably on a coat steeling the idea of a mountain landscape with its blue skiesNote: The shoulder bags, the pompom hats, the sabot shoes+ Beauty: Little braids and "snowy" makeup trendWith interviews from Giambattista Valli & Remo Ruffini.Giambattista Valli :Moncler is all about travelling is it not!? I think it’s clothing that you can take all over the world that we can’t do without!There isn’t a better place that inspires me more than Gstaad and Switzerland with its folky side, all its designing traits and its inhabitants in their chalets, so my inspiration is a bit of a mix of all that.In fact, when you look at these pieces more closely, it is exactly the same reproduction of the panorama that we see in the setting, with all the mountains, and all embroidered with Swiss techniques. In fact most of the collection was made by Swiss producersRemo Ruffini:For me, I like this one especially because it is very us, very Moncler, very much our DNA and the mountains mixed with the couture. What Giambattista did is a real step up for the brand, it was very good. Music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)

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