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Kenzo- WOMENSWEAR collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Paris (with interviews)

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Location: salle wagramdesigner: carol lim and humberto leoninspiration: sailor moonfocus: the shirt’s smocked collar and sleeves that surpass the clothes + dresses and trousers with falling shoulders + embroideries of flowers on a grey dress closed by frayed trimming ties and cylindrical mini log buttons + effect of soleil pleats for black chiffon dresses + bronze tiger striped trousers and dress + simplicity of some pleated dresses and with ruches. note: tiger print stilettos + transparent boots + spiral earrings + the fingernails done in the collection’s patterns explosion of patterns, textures for a feline women in tiger stripes and a romantic women in flowery and smocked dresses interviews from carol lim et humberto leon:humberto leon :i think that we are not shy about patterns and colours. we have always been a house that has really shown that we are a colourful. the energy is something that carol and i felt, when we started 5 years ago, at kenzo, that we wanted to bring back.carol lim :the ruffle was something that he was known for in the 70’s and we felt like we were going to exaggerate the proportion and give our twist to it. we are really excited to celebrate that and bring it backhumberto leon :we really wanted to play with strength. we thought the shoulders gave our girl a really good strength to her standing. sailor moon was a really big inspiration, so we wanted to give her power, so the shoulders gave you that. i think it was really a play on classic ideas but with nice, generous proportions the embroideries, textures, playing with fabrics and the smocking are all the codes of the house, so we are really tapping into all the things that kenzo the brand is known for and twisting it all together music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)