Issey Miyake- WOMENSWEAR collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Paris (with interview)

Designer: Yoshiyuki Miyamae Location: Espace Éphémère des tuileries, ParisCollection: Clothes in motion and sculptural shapes at Issey Miyake with many optical and graphical effects. Evolution of the "Baked Stretch" technique to create a fluid pleat through a technical process that gives volume to the garment after "cooking" + The "3D stream Stretch" which uses steam to give new variations to the silhouettes.Focus on: the colorful, geometric and prismatic patterns. The graphic pleats, ripples and twisted shapes Note: coloured boots’ soles+ Live Performance of: Ei Wada + Haruka YoshidaInterview from Yoshiyuki Miyamae: The theme of this collection this time is ‘beyond’ so I was inspired by the universe and space travellers. We always want to see what is beyond, so we explored this concept with a piece of cloth.So for example, this square of cloth is like a kimono, after it is steamed it spirals like a galaxy, this is the image we wanted.This idea is called a ‘Baked Stretch’. Before heating the cloth, it is very flat, then when you put the heat on it, it changes the shape of it, just like this. So we used many graphic colours and did an all over print in this. Music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions

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