Prabal Gurung- Fashion show- WOMEN'S collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in New York (with interview)

Inspiration: Henri Rousseau, Lord Byron, romanticism mixes with fantasyFocus: long twisted sweaters, dress in navy blue leather, shoulder details and handmade embroideries on evening dressesNote: as a symbol, the feather is found on several piecesInterview from Prabal Gurung:This season I wanted to take everyone to this world of magical realism. I started with Henri Rousseau’s work of a painting of this woman in an exotic forest, so it’s a collage of memories, a collage of ideas. I wanted to take this woman and her daily life to this solitude, deep into the forest for self-discovery; she’s intrigued, and she is curious and slightly undone. Imagine that she is walking along in the forest and then she starts to see things and things start to fall on her and everything starts to shimmer. That is pretty much it. I always say that my clothes are about celebrating the beauty of a woman and I wanted to make sure that was enhanced. Music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)

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