Antonio Marras Fashion show - MENS collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Milan (with interview)

A ‘Spaghetti Western’ atmosphere for the Sardinian, Antonio Marras. It all begins with a place in Sardinia, San Giovanni di Sinis where many films were shot, one of which was the Italien film "Giarrettiera Colt".Designer: Antonio Marras.Silhouette: Composed of a mix & match of patterns and fabrics and enriched with many embellishmentsFabrics: Squares, tartan, stripes, camouflage print, flowers, denim and fur invade this winter wardrobe.Colours: Military green, taupe, grey, red, mustard yellow...Accessory: The essential hat and handkerchief scarf for the cowboy lookTo note: Embroidered patchwork on the shirt, the return of the dungarees and an embroidered grey pleated quilt for Men not to forget the accessory with charms to cover the lower face. Interview from Antonio Marras:It’s the story about a cowboy and by chance I stumbled over a village in Sardinia called San Salvatore di Sinis, it was a village in the 70s that everyone used to shoot the Spaghetti Western films and we really started to mix everything up. There are also Scottish kilts, there are still big embroidered coats, there is velvet, big scarfs, and there are of course handkerchief scarfs and hats. They are really the kind of men who love mixing everything, they love finding different elements to mix and match together.There are a fair amount of elements that I used for example, the return of the dungarees, the velvet, there are a lot of fabrics that I like and I used them again. Music of the show

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