MONCLER GAMME BLEU Fashion show- MENS collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Milan (with interview)

Camouflage invites itself from head to toe into the Moncler Gamme Bleu collection. Camouflage invites itself from head to toe into the Moncler Gamme Bleu collection. Designer: Thom BrowneSetting: A huge cube covered with the print of the season welcomes every model unrecognizable with their faces hidden by balaclavas. Classical music and snowflakes soften and poetize the proposals.Colours: A printed camouflage that represents the colours of the French label: blue, white, red.Silhouette: The clothes are layered over each other for new volumes, every piece is composed of a different and very worked fabric.Please note: The camouflage derbies, the cape and fur in this pattern, which is often reinterpreted in fashion.Interview from Thom Browne:This one definitely started with the fabric, definitely the classic camouflage idea which is something that Moncler does a lot in their main collections and I really wanted to just interpret it in a very different way for Gamme Bleu.Everything from the balaclavas they wore, even the linings in all the pieces were all camouflage patterns. All the fabrics were unique and individual to each look so there were so many different fabrics that were developed for the collection. And the shoes were all camouflage, so I wanted to give and overall effect, but really when you see each piece on their own they are all really special. It was really just taking those basic proportions and flipping them inside out or wearing them on top of the under pieces. So just playing with the proportions. For me the music just softened the camouflage idea. The camouflage for me was more of a sportswear reference and then the idea of the snow globe was perfect for winter; a strong visual effect but then throwing it off with the eyelashes and the music. Music from the show

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