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Moncler Gamme Rouge- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Summer 2016 in Paris (with itw)

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After a very british horse riding weekend last season, giambattista valli takes us for summer 2016 to the french countryside for a fencing contest at moncler gamme rouge. a flower meadow on the floor and elegant bourgeois girls escape from their match onto the stage... the designer mixes couture and technical details like the embroidered pvc or this netting effect made from technical nylon mesh, all embroidered with bunches of lilies and sparkling flowers. lace and organza bring even more softness and romance, whereas everything is a question of size and lightness for coats and jackets that zip up, tops and shorts are rounded off, bodysuits unveil under dresses. please note: the flower wreaths on their heads and sneakers on their feet even those are embroidered.interview from: giambattista valliit is always my story, and its always about the same girl, so what i wanted for the collection was to find ourselves on a countryside french weekend. so we’re are at chantilly with lace, we are at fontainebleau or versailles with a bit of a trianon silhouette, so we see the idea of a young girl amongst flowers with little embroidered lilies on the dresses and on the coats. fencing in fact is about zips, this silhouette in a bodysuit with big fencing zips is where i started from. i think it’s an incredible sport, and i think there are amazing women who do this sport, even in france. it is a sport filled with movement and creates a silhouette from which i based everything on. it was actually a bit of a culture clash, to envisage a very contemporary girl. in fact it is funny and i am someone who believes in not erasing the past to envisage the future, so i love mixing the two things. and with moncler is extraordinary because we mix craftsmanship techniques, haute couture with their so industrial, so advanced, their so technical moncler techniques, it’s amazing. music of the show