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Antonio Marras - Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Milan (with interview)

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For antonio marras, it is always a question of travel and poetry. this season the sardinian designer is inspired by the american artist, paradjanov. on the clothes are a mix & match of fabrics and designs. a fashion, constructed like a puzzle, with numerous collages. every outfit is unique. flowers, polka dots and stripes work harmoniously on the longline silhouettes. so much embroidery embellishes even more metallic, shantung, organza, or muslin taffeta. colours are warm and bright, dominated by bronze, gold and khaki. the long jumpsuit dresses with fine straps are so delicate. boxy trousers, coats in brocade complete this summer wardrobe. once again the designer dazzles us with an assorted, romantic wardrobe, making these plaited haired girls look graceful and elegant. a range of vintage white shirts some embroidered in lace or in guipure, close this timeless show with freshness.interview from: antionio marras:this season it’s the story of an armenian director called serguei parajanov. i already knew about his work, but i saw an exhibition in paris which was called "parajanov le magnifique". and it was not about his work in cinema but it was more about his work in collages. he was not just a director, he was also a painter, a sculptor, he was really someone who made collages with fabrics, he was really a second-hand goods dealer. i really found myself in his universe.i began to work like child, i cut, i began to patch things up. there are lines which are very simple but at the same time there is a really playful side in the collection. there is a really serious, clean side, but at the same time there is something that gives it some madness.there is real craftwork, it is almost couture because we really embroidered everything, we really worked on the embroidery, on the inlays, because it is like tracks of journeys around the world where everyone will sew small pieces.i spotted some vintage pieces like the white shirts for the finale. they are unique pieces because they are old vintage shirts that we completely remade and they are a tribute to freedom.music of the show