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Givenchy - Fashion Show PAP Spring-Summer 2016 in New York

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Givenchy created the event at new york. on 11th september, the french fashion house, owned by lvmh, chose to celebrate 10 years of riccardo tisci as the artistic director, by parading with a view of sky scrapers notably the freedom tower in the south of manhattan on the hudson river. it was the aim this evening to gather together all people close to the house, (julian roberts, liv tyler, laetitia casta, kanye zest and kim kardashian…) and the world of fashion (including photographers and designers) to speak about love, passion and peace. powerful singing from 6 different cultures and a poetic decor of collected and recyclable materials, interpreted by the artist marina abramovic, immerses the public into a harmonious universe with equality between men and women. the black and the white dominate the fluid costumes and light dresses decorated with lace. the couture dresses define this parade in beauty and delicacy, proving once again the talent of the italian creator who makes givenchy so successful. the show's musicitw: laetitia castait is very poetic and everything is delicate but strong, but i was very surprised, i wasn’t expecting that at all. i think that it is one of the more beautiful shows which he has done. i’ve seen very many beautiful things but i really liked the smoking jacket with evening bathrobes, i find that very elegant and also the other very haute couture things and i also really liked the mix of men and women together, i find that very powerful, then the framework is incredible.itw: jeremy scott well it’s beautiful, there’s classic riccardo tischi for givenchy and i think that’s exactly what everyone wanted to see, there is all the elegance and the slightly sci-fi element with the lace and the face. the whole presentation was beautiful so you know i’m very happy for him.