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Moncler Gamme Rouge - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

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At moncler gamme rouge, giambattista valli takes us on a weekend to the english countryside. the equestrian world is found at the heart of the collection, wearing their helmets on their heads and wellies that match their outfits. the line is shortened and more youthful. the flared skirts are coordinated to their jackets made in typically english materials like prince of wales check and tweed. the coats are adorned in fur, unzipped to the sleeves. with rain never too far away, the designer offered several parkas and capes in transparent pvc. without forgetting the mini bag and its strap in the shape of a stirrup. to note: the always sublime final, this time with an invasion of the famous english horse guards. interview:giambattista valli: moncler is a sporty brand, it’s a sport-action brand, but i think that moncler gamme rouge is nevertheless part of something that’s more sophisticated, or more ritual, or more couture or tailoring, and straight away i thought that maybe it would be nice to do a long weekend of horse riding, or a picnic in britain, it’s not just the puffa jacket, it’s not just a jacket, not just a coat, it’s really a silhouette.the most beautiful new thing i think at moncler gamme rouge is this bag with this enormous bamboo handle like a bronze sculpture.i think that at moncler it should be something with the detailing, even if all the clothes have extraordinary details, even if the clothes are all finished, stitched, there is something very artisanal, very technical, in this collection, more so than ever. music from the show