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Givenchy - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris

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In a warehouse decor where juke-boxes, neon lights, boom boxes and old tv sets from the 60s are piled up on top of each another, riccardo tisci puts the focus on the streetwear attitude, which he loves. the collection is super sophisticated. the hair is like a spanish dancer, slicked down with heart shaped clips like tattoos, and frames the face covered in piercings. the dresses are all belted, and several clever cut outs reveal the daring transparent pieces. the colours which complete the black are warm and end up in peacock feather prints. smocks and frills soften the rigour of the perfect cuts. and the italian nonchalance of the designer reveals itself with attitude, of a bare shoulder from a chiffon blouse. the finishes and details are superbly worked and confirm his talent for tailoring. he describes the collection as a combination of “victorian and chola girl”. the victorian style, recognisable since the beginnings of givenchy. music from the show