Issey Miyake- Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

From a childhood memory, Yoshiyuki Miyamae the artistic director at Issey Miyake creates a collection where colour and materials take centre stage. Throughout the seasons, the label does not stop evolving their pleating techniques. A kaleidoscope inspires the 3D geometric designs. On the catwalk the cosy dresses and coats, all chequered and made in generous volumes, the jackets and skirts float on the body. Nature is an endless source of inspiration for the designer. A pre pleated belt unfolds in spirals to transform a colourful skirt with graphic designs like a flower that’s opening.We are always held in a moment of suspense at Issey Miyake, a glimpse of poetry that is always appreciated during the frenzy of Paris Fashion Week.To note: the live performance by Ei Wada with his electric guitars and the voice of the singer Chiyako. Interview: Yoshiyuki Miyamae :For this collection our theme is kaleidoscope, that is where my inspiration has come from. In the previous seasons I worked on three dimensional fabrics with a single colour, but this time I added a lot of colour but only using two or three colours, for example with this purple and this yellow, you will actually see more than just these two colours on the stage. It’s so lightweight, so I wanted to show the movement and the light so it’s important for us today.Music from the show

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